Landlord FAQs

How will I benefit from working with Property Management Redefined, LLC?

You’ll get back your valuable time as we take care of your property’s tenant placement, lease preparation, repairs, rent collection, rent processing, bill pay, utility reimbursements, and eviction filings.

Who will be my contact person concerning the management of my property?

We assign a manager to each property. This will be your point person for all matters regarding your property. 

What happens if a tenant calls with an emergency?

You no longer have to worry about emergency calls from tenants in the middle of the night. Our property managers will receive and respond to these calls, and you’ll be notified of your property’s activities via our convenient online tools. 

When do I get paid?

We will distribute funds as soon as the rental checks are cleared with banks. This process usually takes around two weeks. 

What if the tenant causes damage?

Our screening process examines criminal, credit, and eviction records, as well job history. Tenants who pass these screenings and have excellent credit and references rarely cause more damage than what can be covered through the security deposit. In the rare case that tenants do cause more damage than this, they will be billed. If they don’t pay, we will use a collection agency. 

What if a tenant is late with rent?

The due date for rent is the first of each month. If the tenant has still not paid by the fifth of the month, rent is considered late, and we will deliver a “72-hour notice” that rent must be paid or they must vacate the premises. If the tenant still has not paid by the time the notice period has expired, we will let you know and file for a FED hearing at the courthouse, which begins the eviction process. The hearing will take place within ten to fourteen days. Our goal is to expedite the eviction process as much as possible: The sooner the problem tenant moves out, the sooner a more qualified tenant can move in. 

How are evictions handled?

We conduct eviction filings for tenants who default on rental payments. If we placed a non-paying tenant in your property, we will charge no additional commission for locating a new tenant. We make a point to screen tenants rigorously to ensure that this happens as infrequently as possible. 

Do I need a rental license?

To rent your property out to others, you must obtain a current rental license from The Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections. This requires an active Business Privilege License number, an active Business Privilege Tax Identification number, and an understanding of the property and what type of license is needed. Each property you are renting out requires a separate license. 

How long will it take Property Management Redefined, LLC to find tenants for my property?

Many factors affect how long it takes for a property to rent, including time of year, location, condition, and normal fluctuations of supply and demand. That being said, a typical timeframe for finding tenants is two to four weeks, though it may take longer in the summer. 

Our marketing professionals make use of a number of outlets for advertising, including our website, open houses, MLS, Internet listings, and more. As soon as we receive notice from the existing tenant and permission from the owner to re-rent, the home appears on our list of available properties.