There’s property management, and then there’s us. Learn why.

You’re A Busy Working Professional.

And you’re good at what you do, whether it’s running your own business, working late at the firm, or seeing patients in your practice. If you’d like to focus more on your true calling—and leave the management of your properties to someone else—Property Management Redefined, LLC, can help. We’ll save you time and cut down on your stress levels by doing what we do best: providing amazing property management services in the city of Philadelphia.

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A Refreshing Approach to Property Management


Recently named one of the “Best Property Managers in Philadelphia” for 2018 by Expertise!

Property Management Redefined, LLC has a mission: to disrupt the property management industry in the city of Philadelphia. Property management is our core function, and this focus empowers us to rise far above the ordinary. Tenants of properties we manage enjoy constant contact with professionals who respond quickly and tackle problems with smooth efficiency. Partner with us for a new kind of customer service that gives you back your valuable time, keeps tenants happy, and ultimately contributes to thriving properties.

Property Management Redefined, LLC, specializes in managing residential properties including investor-owned single family homes, town homes, multi-family homes, apartments, and condominiums.

Our service combines cutting-edge tools with old-fashioned expertise, stemming from professionals who’ve been in the industry for years.