Philadelphia Housing Market Q3 2015


I recently attended the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors Annual Networking Breakfast, where I had the opportunity to hear Kevin C. Gillen, a Senior Research Fellow at Drexel’s Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation and the Chief Economist at Meyers Research LLC speak to the Q3 2015 Philadelphia housing market report.

One of the points made during Kevin’s presentation that I found to be very interesting was that Philadelphia’s housing market operates as a laggard to the composite index. For example, as other markets may begin to flatten a bit, Philadelphia’s may continue to rise for a period before entering a similarly flat market. Philadelphia also sees a bit less volatility than other markets, so while our highs may not be as high as others, our lows aren’t as bad either. We may be considered more of a steady-eddy market.

In the 3rd quarter, the march upward for housing prices continued, as all nine neighborhoods in the report showed increases. Of the nine, the most dramatic increases in the quarter were seen from South Philadelphia which had price appreciation of 5.2%, Kensington/Frankford 4.4%, West Philadelphia 3.3%, and Center City/Fairmount 3.0%.When looking at a breakdown of price appreciation over 10-years amongst the neighborhoods in the city, South Philadelphia with 36.3% and West Philadelphia with 28.9% lead the nine neighborhoods evaluated.


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