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Philadelphia Housing Market Q3 2015

I recently attended the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors Annual Networking Breakfast, where I had the opportunity to hear Kevin C. Gillen, a Senior Research Fellow at Drexel’s Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation and the Chief Economist at Meyers Research LLC speak to the Q3 2015 Philadelphia housing market report. One of the points made during Kevin’s presentation that I found …


I’ll take Philadelphia apartments for $1,300, Alex.

Melissa Romero of takes a look at what $1,300 will get you in Philadelphia. What $1,300 Will Rent You Around Philly Right Now Philadelphia is seeing rental appreciation city-wide with landlords matching market supply with increasing demand for city life, walkable commutes, and active surroundings. Millenials especially seek these traits in a property while …


Property management – adding value or subtracting resources?

Property management can be a great way to add value to your client service portfolio, but is it something that is costing you more in resources than is giving back in service? Your clients want to maximize the value of their home when it comes time to sell. You’ve run the comps and unfortunately the …


Benefits of Working with a Kensington Property Manager

Benefits of Working with a Kensington Property Manager Running a successful business as a realtor is hard work. Like any other business, maximizing efficiency goes hand-in-hand with maximizing profits. Attempting to juggle too many properties can spread you pretty thin, potentially hurting your profits and the overall quality of your service. For realtors looking to …